I’m a fiscal reviewer, and I give blood

“I first became a blood donor almost 40 years ago while in high school when the Red Cross came to our campus to recruit students as new donors. At the time, my mother was recovering from cancer and had been a blood recipient. Since she was no longer eligible to give, it seemed like a grateful thing to do to make up the difference. I’ve been a regular donor ever since.

Years later, I was told that because my blood lacked a particular benign-to-adults virus that most of the rest of the population possessed, my blood was very valuable to preemie babies who had little to no immunity from common pathogens. It’s nice to know that there are children alive today because I took an hour out of my day every couple of months to donate.

In our technologically advanced and affluent society, we take so much for granted. We are able to manufacture so many amazing things with such seeming ease, quantity and at low cost. And yet, there is still only one place that blood comes from, and when someone needs it, they need it now and it’s invaluable to that person. That’s why I give.” — Montana Red Cross volunteer John McGrew

Schedule an appointment to donate lifesaving blood today atredcrossblood.org or by calling 800-RED-CROSS.

Blood bank Campaign ceremony 2017

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